Sunday, 1 May 2016

Advanced Turning Points Key Level (TPSKL) Index Trading

Latest Update:   18Oct18

TPSKL (Turning Points Key Level) classroom session:

5Nov18 Mon 130pm to 545pm TPSKL Live Trading Workshop
10Dec18 Mon 130pm to 545pm TPSKL Live Trading Workshop

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The Turning Point Key Level (TPKL) is a prediction strategy for Hang Seng & DAX before market open. The TPKL trade plan will be given via TPKL inner circle private facebook group & telegram group with one year subscription at S$1,148 (or US$798)

What you will receive with one year subscription:
1. TPKL inner circle trading private Facebook group & Telegram group for one year access with daily key level and trade plan given before Hang Seng & DAX market open
2. Two TPS PP 3-hour classroom workshop or recorded video
3. TPKL softcopy course note and proprietary TPKL Excel spreadsheet
"Buy Now" at US$798 (or S$1,148) for TPKL inner circle trading one year subscription.
Payment can also via transfer to POSB saving ac 037-01819-8 or PayPal to or PayNow to 94350883

You can also just subscribe to TPKL trade signal and trade plan without attending classroom workshop. Subscription to TPKL trade signal is S$300 quarterly (every 3 months). For subscription based there will not be any course material given and NO classroom workshop. You can only join either Facebook or Telegram group (not both) for subscription based.

Enquiry email to or facebook message to HangSengTrading

New student feedback

Student feedback review on HS TPS course at

Recommended broker with minimum US$1,000 to start off as learning process:

CMC Markets



How's TPS performance versus others systems?

Monthly performance
For Hang Seng can be viewed at
For DAX Trade Journal ---->

Recommended for 3 months learning process via CFD or micro lots:

CMC Markets  6559 6000  (S$2k)

Shanice Yin  or
Joseph Yeow  or
Michelle Gabriel



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