Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Hang Seng & DAX Advanced Turning Points at Key Level (TPSKL)

Latest Update: 24Mar20

There are 3 parts to the course:
1) Give you a fish daily by providing key level signal to buy and sell with TP & SL
2) Train you how to fish by learning 4 high probability bread and butter strategies
3) In-house robot to trade for you to generate some passive income

Hang Seng & DAX Mastery workshop:
Hang Seng & DAX Workshop

*22Apr20 Wed afternoon 130pm to 530pm Hang Seng & DAX live trading workshop
*20May20 Wed  afternoon 130pm to 530pm Hang Seng & DAX live trading workshop

Classroom schedule subject to change due to COVID-19 issue. Do not attend if you have traveled  for the past two weeks or having slight flu and fever.

Book early to avoid disappointment as seats run out fast

Send facebook friend request to https://www.facebook.com/HangSengTrading to get latest update

Hang Seng & DAX signal will send out daily via Telegram at 905am for Hang Seng & CET (Central Euro Time) 750am for DAX for full course student.
Monthly subscription on Hang Seng & DAX Key Level signal at SGD$100 (payable quarterly at SGD$300)

Strategies + Daily Signals (with one year subscription) Price : *S$1,688 (US$1,250)

The Turning Points Key Level (TPSKL) is a prediction strategy for Hang Seng & DAX before market open. The daily setup trade plan will be given to private Telegram group before market open daily. You will learn faster thru forward live trade execution plus trade debrief daily.

What you will receive with ONE year Hang Seng & DAX mentorship course:
1. Hang Seng & DAX soft copy course note
2. TPSKL proprietary excel spreadsheet
3. Two half day classroom workshop (including one half day live trading workshop)
*  plus two recorded classroom video
4. One year (9am to 1030am daily) tutorial guidance thru telegram group
5. Life time membership at "Secret of Trading Hang Seng" inner circle facebook group
6. One year access to Hang Seng & DAX inner circle telegram group trade plan & debrief
7. One year Hang Seng & DAX Key Level signal via telegram group (worth S$1,200)
8. Four high probability day trading strategies 

"Buy Now" at US$1,250 (S$1,688)
Payment can also via transfer to POSB savings ac 037-01819-8 or credit card via PayPal to meetupsing@gmail.com or PayNow to 94350883

Signal subscription only on Hang Seng & DAX Key Level signal at SGD$100 (payable quarterly at SGD$299)

For full course student graduates enjoy 50% discount on signal renewal payable half yearly at S$300

Enquiry email to meetupsing@gmail.com or facebook message to HangSengTrading

Recommended broker with minimum S$1,500  (or US$1,000) to start off as learning process:

CMC Markets  www.cmcmarkets.com/en-sg/lp/raymondtan

IG  https://www.ig.com/sg/trade-cfds-with-ig-referral?QPID=2998642178&QPPID=1

IC Markets  http://www.icmarkets.com/?camp3754

New student feedback https://youtu.be/DZiLAxztRW0

Student feedback review on HS TPS course at  http://hangsengtradingcourse.blogspot.com/



How's TPS performance versus others systems?

Monthly performance
For Hang Seng can be viewed at http://hangsengfuture.blogspot.com/
For DAX Trade Journal ---->  http://daxtradinggroup.blogspot.com/

Recommended for 3 months learning process via CFD or micro lots:

Axitrader  https://www.axitrader.com/int/live-account?promocode=819760

Contact:  800 120 6765 Ms Lee Jia Yi     JiaYi.Lee@axitrader.com

CMC Markets  6559 6000  (S$2k)  https://www.cmcmarkets.com/en-sg/lp/raymondtan
Joseph Yeow  J.Yeow@cmcmarkets.com  or Sean Sim  S.Sim@cmcmarkets.com


Brandon Lee  Off:  63908345 


For experience traders can try Futures platform:

Mr Simon Teo  Whatsapp  93635214

More student feedback: